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Weeknight dinner confessions

People often ask me how I manage to eat paleo/clean/whole30ish during the week when I don‚Äôt have time to cook. Well, let me tell you what my dinner consisted of tonight! Leftover pineapple in the car on the way to take my daughter to Dance. An unwashed grape as I was unloading my grocery cart… Continue reading Weeknight dinner confessions

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How’s your Vitamin D?

Do you suffer from fatigue? Tiredness? Bone or back pain?¬†Do you find yourself getting sick often? Have you ever had your Vitamin D level tested? Chances are,¬†your levels¬†are low.¬†Living far from the equator, using a lot of sunscreen,¬†being overweight, or spending a lot of time indoors puts us at risk for this deficiency. (Source:¬†Healthline)¬†What you… Continue reading How’s your Vitamin D?

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Apple Cider Vinegar UPDATE!

About a week ago, I told you all that for my next trick, I would be drinking apple cider vinegar to my daily routine.¬†I did some research and decided to drink 1 tablespoon per 8 ounce glass of water at least once a day. I anticipated it to be miserable, but that I could survive… Continue reading Apple Cider Vinegar UPDATE!

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A (good) day in the life

I've written about my two major MS attacks (here and here), but I thought I would write what a typical "good day" is like for me living with MS. ¬†I would say roughly 90% of my days are good... the bad come few and far between and my bad days are nothing compared to most...… Continue reading A (good) day in the life

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I’m a runner

Running is something I've always wanted to do. ¬†Growing up, I was chubby during my leanest of years and obese the rest of the time. ¬†Running the mile in gym class was torture... ¬†I remember giving it my all and only making it about half way around the track before having to walk. ¬†Anything under… Continue reading I’m a runner