Weight Loss

Expectation versus reality

You may think I always cook in my spotless kitchen, while wearing a silk dress and heels, in full hair and makeup, posing just like this because it’s so natural πŸ˜‚.

Photo credit: Clagett Photography

But you would be wrong. So very wrong.

I had to have my husband snap this picture of me while we were out and about Saturday and spotted me on the cover of Woman’s World.

Bad angle, day old mascara under my eyes, red face from our run, hair wadded up in a top knot. This is how I roll when I’m really loving life.

And I make no apologies. I love who I am and in fact I think I like the sweaty, no makeup version of me more than the glammed up one.

I apologize for this short post. I’m in the middle of switching jobs and my life is turned upside down. However!!! I have some news…

We may be working on a Not Today, M.S. podcast!!! My husband and I think we are pretty funny and entertaining πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, hopefully you will too! Stay tuned!!!

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