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How far we’ve come…

Sometimes I forget how we used to look… how we used to feel… how tiring it was just to walk up the stairs or bend over and pick up something off the floor. But when these people pop up, it all comes back to me.


Here’s the thing… no matter how we look or how we feel, I’m so thankful you’re the one I get to live this life with.

These last three years have been full of challenges. But I think you and I can both confidently say that we are so thankful for the journey and beyond blessed that we were able to go on it side-by-side, hand-in-hand.

In 32 days we will take another journey together. We will run 26.2 miles. Side-by-side. We will be with a lot of other pretty awesome folks, and that’s great, but when we get to that finish line, bud… it’s just me and you, hand-in-hand, making another memory.

I love you, Brian. You make life so much sweeter. Thank you for being my best friend and husband.

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