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I was struggling for a blog post today… I have several things in my drafts that I’ve been working on/praying through, but nothing was coming together. Then today, as I scrolled through my facebook memories, this post from two years ago today caught my eye… This was 18 months post diagnosis, 180 pounds lost, and just a couple of weeks before my first half-marathon. God was doing BIG things in my life. He still is :). I want so desperately to see everyone feel the freedom I do now. I’m praying as you read these words today, you feel the nudge to turn to God with whatever chains are weighing you down and you can see once and for all that you are FREE!!!

April 15, 2017

I feel like I need to put into words what is happening in me… I’ve long accepted my damage… scars from wounds long ago, both from enemies and self inflicted. I’ve wore my chains like an accessory… accepted that was the only choice I had… after a while they became a comfort… something I could count on. Now that I’ve broken free I’m scared–in the most beautiful exciting way. This is new. So brand new. I’m overcome with emotion when I dream about the future free from these chains.

There’s a line in MercyMe’s “Hello Beautiful” that goes

I used to play the victim
Singing take these chains from me
They’ve long been broken I was free and would not leave
Somehow I got too comfortable locked up here in this prison
That I missed the doors wide open more like ripped off of its hinges…

The chains that have been weighing me down were broken long ago and I just refused to walk away… we choose to stay in bondage because it’s familiar… predictable. And then we use the chains as an excuse to stay in the same miserable state for years….

I’m telling you,


Get out! With Jesus, ALL THINGS TRULY ARE POSSIBLE!!!! Addictions can be healed. Your body can be healed. Your mind can be healed. Your heart can be healed. Freedom is right there, right at your feet waiting for you. You just have to be brave enough to reach out for His hand and take the first step!!! Please make this Easter the day when you say, “no more! Bye bye, bondage and hello to freedom!” 34 years of a self inflicted prison sentence for me… and I want to spend the next 34 years and beyond helping people out of their prison cells. Jesus is the answer my friends… I couldn’t begin to share in a post just how many miracles He’s worked in my life… but He’s there with you RIGHT NOW, waiting for you to take His hand… do it. No longer slaves! We are FREE! Hallelujah!!!!

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