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How far we’ve come…

Sometimes I forget how we used to look... how we used to feel... how tiring it was just to walk up the stairs or bend over and pick up something off the floor. But when these people pop up, it all comes back to me. Here's the thing... no matter how we look or how… Continue reading How far we’ve come…

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Dear 33-year-old me

Dear 33-year-old me, Hi there, friend. I see you standing there, forcing a smile with that precious 8 year old girl of yours and all I want to do is sit down with you and have a chat. You're carrying a huge burden. Or rather, lots of huge burdens. You're still struggling to forgive your… Continue reading Dear 33-year-old me

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I sat at the decorated table, adorned with colorful table cloth, themed centerpiece, cute paper plates with finger foods in various stages of nibbles, and MOPs (Mothers Of Preschoolers) literature for that month's meeting listening to the conversations of the other moms. I did not fit in. We were going to a church that was… Continue reading Thrive

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Weeknight dinner confessions

People often ask me how I manage to eat paleo/clean/whole30ish during the week when I don’t have time to cook. Well, let me tell you what my dinner consisted of tonight! Leftover pineapple in the car on the way to take my daughter to Dance. An unwashed grape as I was unloading my grocery cart… Continue reading Weeknight dinner confessions