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Gym Observations in January

Dear girl at the gym at 5:30 am on a weekday,

Good for you! I’m so glad to see you here! Congratulations on making a healthy decision for yourself this morning! I know just how hard it is to drag yourself out of bed this early. Your brand-new Nike shorts are super cute, but you don’t need to stand in the mirror seeing if your hair and makeup look flawless before breaking a sweat… trust me, no one cares how you look at this hour. 

Is that vanilla body spray you just put on… before you’re working out? Okay… maybe a preemptive measure because you’re going to work out super hard…

Okay, you’re out of the bathroom, finally. GOOD FOR YOU! Good, you’re going for the elliptical. That’s a great choice for some good cardio!

Okay, yep, get your music going… workouts are always better with music. Um. You’re texting. Okay… maybe you just have an urgent message to respond to. At 5:45 am. Okay.

Phone is down. Good. Now, you’re going to get after it! Let’s go! 

Oh wait… you’re stopping? No, you’re just moving to another machine. Maybe that one was broken? I get it… it happens. There you go, get on another elliptical. Get it, girl!

Dude. You’re done? That had to be only 7 mins total between the two machines, if that. Well, at least you’re cleaning both machines so you have that going for you!

Okay, good… you’re going to do some weight machines! Okay, maybe today was just a strength day for you…

Well, nope. There you are on your phone again. A selfie? Really??? YOU HAVEN’T DONE ANYTHING!

Okay, no judgement, right? Sorry, I’ll stop judging. Just do something, girl. You’re paying to be here and you have your cute new Nike shorts… make it count!

And, you’re done. Okay. Well. Glad you got the selfie so you can post it and your friends will tell you how great you look while “breaking a sweat”. 


Regular Gym Goer trying to survive January.

This letter was written in my head as I ran at the gym this morning. It all happened in 30 minutes time :).

If you’re struggling with how to get started working out, ask someone for help. Or better yet, utilize the training services at your gym! At my gym they are free and I only pay $10 a month for my membership.

Get a buddy! Working out with a buddy is always better than going it alone. But whatever you do, DO SOMETHING! Don’t use January resolutions as an excuse to buy new workout clothes or more stuff that you’ll end up selling in a yard sale this summer. Start with what you have… I saw a guy come to work out in PJ pants yesterday and I wanted to give him a giant high five! And you know what, he got after it! He will likely be one of the ones to make his resolutions stick.

Don’t be a January Gym Drop-Out. If you’re committed to paying the fees, showing up, and taking up a parking spot and treadmill, DO THE WORK.

Just please don’t be that girl or that guy.



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