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Let’s catch up

It's been a while. I'm sorry. I've been processing and planning a wedding (my son's) and learning my new job at my old office which brings me so much joy and continuing to work on my mental health and recover from what I went through from 2019-2022. I once heard a Christian leader say that… Continue reading Let’s catch up

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“You are glowing.” “It’s so good to see that smile again.” “You just seem like a weight has been lifted off of you.” “I feel like I haven’t seen ‘Nora’ in three years.” “I feel like I got my wife back.” The last two weeks, these are just some of the phrases those closest to… Continue reading Changes

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Stopping the sprint

One of my favorite things to do when running is to sprint at the end... As I approach my distance or speed goal, I turn on the jets. On a treadmill, I tend to jog between 4.8 and 5.4, but when I sprint, I crank up that dial well into the 7s and even sometimes the 8s. At first my body screams, there is NO way you can sustain this for a minute... but I focus. I keep my head up. I count backwards in my head from 60. I focus on my breathing. I focus on the placement of my feet. And I smile from ear-to-ear as I cross that imaginary finish line and turn the machine back down to a walk.

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The Light is Coming

The Winter Solstice is quickly approaching. On December 21, 2021 the sun will be the furthest away from us here in the Northern Hemisphere and we will have the shortest amount of sunlight. Other people refer to it as “the darkest day of the year.” I sat in a doctors office a few weeks ago… Continue reading The Light is Coming

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Well, hello again.

Sorry. It's been a minute. I could fumble through excuses, life being busy, work stress, yada, yada, but let's just start fresh. Hi, I'm Nora. Let's catch up. There is much to share with you all, but let's just start here: We met up with our MS Running Team, Run a Myelin My Shoes, and… Continue reading Well, hello again.

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My Sister

My sister, Randi, is five years older than me. We fought harder than any two sisters and we loved harder than any two sisters. We have been each other's champions and loved to annoy each other. We laughed and put on shows in our living rooms and made some epic Barbie movies together. It may… Continue reading My Sister

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Medication/Supplement Breakdown

***DISCLAIMER*** I do not have a medical degree (shocker), so I cannot give you sound medical advice. I can only share my experience and encourage you to talk to your doctors if you have questions or concerns. There is no substitute for amazing doctors. This is my CURRENT run down of medications and vitamin supplements… Continue reading Medication/Supplement Breakdown