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Fruit Bowl

I love summer. For so many reasons. The sun, the warm weather. Swimming. But most of all, I love the fresh produce at incredibly cheap prices! The best is when friends or neighbors share the bounty of their gardens, but we love visiting the farmers market or getting local fruits and veggies at our grocery store too. However they make their way into our home, we are thrilled! One thing I love to do is make a fruit bowl. My mom makes the best fruit bowl… there’s something absolutely magical about hers and she’s not allowed to come to a family function without one! Mine is a close second and I have to keep one in the fridge at all times. The kids will gladly eat a bowl of that over some kind of junk food or sugary treat, but only if it’s all cut up and mixed together in the bowl :). If it needs to be washed or assembled, they will elect to eat anything but fruit! 😂😂

There’s nothing secret or special about it. For this particular bowl, I cut two pineapples, a package of strawberries, and dumped in a package of blueberries. Sometimes I put grapes in as well. The pineapple juice sort of sweetens all the fruit and the result is just so delicious and refreshing!!! It’s also full of antioxidants and vitamins! It makes my mom heart so happy to see my kids go for a big bowl of that over a pop tart!

One large bowl lasts our family 2-3 days, then I make a new one 😊. This is probably the most lame recipe blog post you have ever read. But seriously, nothing says summer to me like a beautiful bowl of yummy fruit!!

Happy summer!

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