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New podcast is live! All things Whole30!

Check out the new podcast. We were blessed to be able to talk to Elizabeth Ray! Here is a little more about her.

Elizabeth Ray is a wife and mom of 2 children; Elizabeth enjoys spending time with her family even if most of the time is commuting to work, schools, practices, and all the things. 

Elizabeth enjoys cooking and eating. She loves to run and recover. She looks forward to learning and teaching. She also loves sunsets, sunrises and breathing fresh, outdoor air. 

Academically Elizabeth holds a Bachelor’s degree in Dietetics and a Master’s degree in Kinesiology & Health Promotion. Elizabeth completed her education in nutrition and exercise so that she could bring the very best to her clients. 

Professionally Elizabeth works as a registered and licensed dietitian. She aims to help clients find freedom from bad habits and poor health. She uses real food to find personalized nutrition and optimal life-living for every client. 

She knows it is better to pay the grocer than the pharmacist. She also knows a good fitting shoe will cost less than a new knee. 

Lastly, Elizabeth is a dreamer, but most importantly, she is a believer. ERAY


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