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Well, that was fun!

On Saturday, we ran in the Derby Mini Marathon in Louisville, Kentucky for the 3rd year in a row!

On Friday night we headed to the Expo… When you’re in your late 30’s/early 40’s, a “date” happens when you both get to be in the car together without kids :).

I don’t like to talk “down” about anything, but the Expo this year was a little disappointing. We decided to get home and take our annual bib pictures in our backyard :).

We headed out bright and early on race morning and found our corral. The weather was PERFECT. No rain, 50s to start and only got a little warm once the sun came out. But thankfully, the route is mostly shaded so that really wasn’t an issue.

I’m lame and didn’t take any pics during the race. This year was tough, I’m not going to lie. We did not train as hard as we have in the past and I really just wanted to finish… To my SHOCK, we ended up with a PERSONAL RECORD!!!!!!!!!! We shaved 4 mins off our best and we (and the photo bomber cheesing behind us) couldn’t have been happier :).

Medals are fun. It still amazes me that we are doing this. That in less than four years, God has completely changed our lives. There are so many moments I have to pinch myself and say, “Is this really happening???”

Speaking of surreal moments…. I did a thing….



I was contacted by Women’s World Magazine back in January, was photographed by the amazing Marnie of Clagett Photography and styled by the incredible Deana of Raiment and Boon in March, and Senior Editor, Allison Nemetz, wrote a beautiful article on my storyGod’s story. The magazine hits news stands on Thursday if you want to check it out! Readership is 5,000,000 people. My prayer is at least one of them turns their hearts towards God and experiences their own successful transformation.

And I feel it’s important to reiterate something… To me, “success” was not weight loss. “Success” came in the heart change… in the prioritizing God in my life. Everything I had been struggling with, suddenly lost it’s grip on me. “Success” is not found in a certain size or a number on a scale or a half marathon medal–success is found in living your best life, admitting your struggles, asking for help, and getting better every day. God is still working on me, and I don’t think He’ll be done until I take my last breath–I’m a WORK in progress for SURE! But it feels amazing to be living and enjoying my life and not living with worry and stress and fear for the future. You can live your best life too–you just have to hand it over to Him.


2 thoughts on “Well, that was fun!”

  1. Hi Nora, yesterday I bought Woman’s World Magazine and found your testimonial very beneficial. You are a pretty lady with a true understanding of being overweight & now you can reach out to others that desperately want to lose 50 lbs plus. I congratulate you for all the effort it took to reach your new life status. Please keep me in your prayers because I want to be as healthy as possible too. Your success has encouraged me more than I can. Thanks again

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