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Marathon Training Blog, Week 1

Our official Marathon Training Plan kicked off on Monday, June 4. This is a 20-week plan that I got from somewhere I can’t remember and then tweaked to make it our own.

marathon training plan

I can tell you now, we won’t be 100% successful at executing all of this. There will be bad days. There may be injuries (PRAYING NOT, but it happens). There may be unexpected delays or weather issues or whatever. But, it’s always best to have a plan and stick to it as much as you can!

I want to try to document as much of this training season as possible and share it with all of you. Let me know if this is something you enjoy reading and want me to continue!

Week 1:

Monday: REST! The best thing about most Mondays on this plan is that they are REST DAYS! Perfect time to recover from the weekend and gear up for the week ahead!

Tuesday: 3 miles in 31m, 20s with an average of 10:27 min/mi. We ran outside early in the morning before it got too hot.

Sunrise runs with my guy are the BEST.

Wednesday: CT We were supposed to cross train. This was a fail. I could give you a bogus reason, but honestly we were still sleep deprived from a fun weekend before and overslept. I went grocery shopping that day and tried to get in some squats and push ups, but no official crosstrain workout :(. FAIL.

Thursday: 3 miles in 30m, 57s with an average of 10:19 min/mi. We ran at the gym because it was raining outside. The treadmill is not my favorite. I enjoy the air conditioning and the giant fans on the ceiling, but get bored with watching the tvs and people watching.

Friday: REST! We love rest days so much.

Long Run Saturday–4 miles in 43.48 with an average of 10:57 min/mi. Our good buddy likes to run with us sometimes on Saturdays so he joined us. He’s naturally faster than us so it’s always good to have him with us for a bit of a challenge :). On long runs, we use a 1.5/.5 run/walk ratio and that has been going well. We’ve also done a 5:1 in the past, but our time was much slower when we did that. We’re hoping the 1.5/.5 will work nicely for us this training season and during the Marathon!

I mean, could my husband look any more in pain! HA!!! At least our friend looks happy :).

Sunday: 3 mi EZ. Another FAIL. We were supposed to get an “easy 3” in, but we walked around an outlet mall instead. We did get at least three miles in that day and they were easy, just with zero running and a whole lot of shopping instead :).


So, the final assessment of week 1:

week 1

5 out of 7. Or, 71%. C average. Not the best start, I know. BUT, we got our main runs in and our time has vastly improved from a year ago so that’s a nice little bonus! And hey! We got to start somewhere! Week 1–DONE! Now on to week 2!


Are you training for something big right now? Tell me all about it! I love to read about how others train and the amazing things they are able to accomplish with dedication and hard work!

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