Faith, Not Today MS

Party of four

Saturday was the most perfect day. It was just the core four. My people. My son who’s about to turn 21 and my daughter who’s about to turn 13 and my amazing husband and me.

We ran around an amusement park like little kids. We rode our favorite roller coaster three times. Twice in the front row :). We were adventurous. We laughed so hard our stomach hurts. We let our kids get ice cream. Twice. We didn’t fight. We didn’t roll our eyes. We believed the best in each other and laughed like we haven’t laughed in years. It was all I could do not to cry like at idiot at the end of the day.

I hear the clock ticking… the summers of us being a unit of four amigos, running around, having a blast… they are coming to an end. These kids are so busy. And they have so many friends who are cooler than their mom and dad. Someday they will have spouses and kids of their own and we will have an even harder time scheduling time with them.

Our son graduates from college in two years. Our daughter graduates from high school in five years. I literally blinked and they grew up on me. I can’t even handle it.

Folks, the seconds and the minutes and the hours are FLYING by. The time will pass no matter what we do. We have got to learn to stop stressing over crap that doesn’t matter. We’ve got to stop destroying our relationships over greed or selfishness or whatever stupid, petty crap we are mad about today.

Please love the people in you r life like crazy.

Get over yourself.


STOP worrying about things that won’t matter a year from now.

Ride the roller coasters.

Take the leap.

Love your people.

Don’t leave this earth with a single regret.

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