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Pre, post, and while running foods!

I like food. I don’t like being hungry. And i hate being out and about and not having access to good food. So, last night I wandered the isles of Kroger debating our post half-marathon snacks. Is it enough snacks for the 45 min car ride home? What if I’m wishing for more fruit? Will I want raisins? Is this mondo bag of chips enough?? What if I have to share my food? 😂😂

This pic has our pre, post and during half marathon food. Let me walk you through what we have here.


  • Bananas
  • Raw honey (also during)
  • Warer


  • Go Go Fruit and Veggie Squeeze in Great’full Grape
  • Raw honey
  • Water


  • Sriracha Chicken Epic Bar
  • RX Bar in Chocolate Sea Salt or Maple Sea Salt
  • Honey crisp apples
  • Water
  • Sea Salt Kettle Chips (not the healthiest but better than a pizza post race treat!)
  • Yummy cold pressed juices

I’m also planning to cook a giant pot of Chicken Cauliflower Chowder (will post recipe soon!) tomorrow night so we can have it for leftovers Saturday. We will burn between 1500 and 2000 calories Saturday morning so I’m trying to avoid becoming hangry!

If you’re interested in what we use for fuel during long runs, here you go:

These are new to our training this season. We eat 1 teaspoon of raw honey about 15 mins before start time, Then we eat one of our go go fruit and veggie squeeze (with sweet potato) at mile 4 and again at mile 8. We eat another teaspoon of the raw honey about half way through. All of this is about 250 calories. We can make it without that much fuel, but our energy stays up and it helps break up the run to focus on when and what we’re snacking on next :).

For breakfast on race mornings we always eat a banana. Bananas are a great source of calories and potassium and other nutrients. They are also great for post race!

We are getting so excited for Saturday!

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