Multiple Sclerosis, Not Today MS, Running


It’s the night before the Derby Mini Marathon and I’m struggling with a random swollen/sore foot and weird back pain. I’m feeling nervous. Like maybe I’ve forgotten how to run entirely and maybe waking at 5:00 am on a Saturday to run over 13 miles is the dumbest thing ever. As I’m mulling all of this over in my head and staring at our race shirts that say “Not Today, MS” and “God > MS” on the back, God reminded me of this scripture:

I’m reminded that I’m weak. I have limits. I lack power and endurance and stamina. Bud guess what? Gakness.

So here I am God. Without you, I’m nothing. With You and through You, I am limitless. Give me legs to run tomorrow. Give me sleep to rest my body tonight. Quiet the doubts in my head and remind me of my calling. I run to bring glory and honor to You. In Jesus, name, amen. ods power is made perfect in my we

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