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Weeknight dinner confessions

People often ask me how I manage to eat paleo/clean/whole30ish during the week when I don’t have time to cook. Well, let me tell you what my dinner consisted of tonight!

Leftover pineapple in the car on the way to take my daughter to Dance.

An unwashed grape as I was unloading my grocery cart in between stores (I grocery shop at two stores, sometimes 3 because I love deals)

After unloading all the groceries before picking up my daughter from dance I heated up some leftover green beans and fried two free range eggs and inhaled them all before taking a picture of my gourmet dinner 😂. I’ll probably grab a honey crisp apple to eat when I go to pick her up for a little dessert 😍.

It’s not perfect, but it’s a HUGE improvement over what I used to do–run through a drive through. On nights when my family is home and we are short on time, I usually have TONS of leftovers we can eat from where I cooked big on the weekends or I make something super simple like fried potatoes with some spinach tossed in and a grilled aidelles chicken and apple sausage (a-maz-Ingly good).

The key to creating and maintaining a healthy eating lifestyle is to keep it SIMPLE and something you can manage. Don’t overthink it. Don’t go out and buy 1000 ingredients you’ve never cooked with before. Simple. Vegetables. Fruits. Healthy, happy meats (grass fed/cash free). Nothing processed and all ingredients you could pronounce and identify in a line up 😂. It really is that simple!

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