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The khaki pants

Once upon a time, I needed some new khaki pants. It was my one and only time ever going to the Kentucky Derby and I was going to help my son’s Marching Band work and raise money. I needed a uniform to check bracelets and work security. The uniform consisted of a white button down shirt, green all weather jacket, and a tie that made me look like Colonel Sanders. And khaki pants. I ordered them from Old Navy in a size I hoped would fit… Size 24. Shopping when you’re heavy is horrible. Old Navy carries plus size clothing on their website, but not in their stores. They are much cheaper than some of the other plus size clothing suppliers so I ordered from them frequently. The pants came in and they were tight. But, they were going to have to do as I didn’t have time to find a replacement.

My son, me, and my husband at the Kentucky Derby in 2014.

The whole day, I was miserable. There was one stool for the 8 or so of us who were working that area. The kids used it the majority of the time so I was either on my feet or propped against the wall. I remember having moments of dizziness and fatigue as I did frequently before my MS diagnosis, but I figured it was normal due to lack of sleep.

When we got back to the bus after the LONG day, the first thing I did was unbutton my pants. I felt like I was being cut in two. They were so incredibly tight.

As I’ve settled into my new size and cleaned out my closets and sold or gave away my old clothing, I couldn’t let go of these pants. They remind me of where I once was and how far God has brought me. It’s pretty incredible what God can do in your life if you surrender everything–even your food–to Him.

Isaiah 43:19 : See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.

Size 24 to Size 8 in less than 18 months by eating real food.

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