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COVID Chronicles-Day 10

What a difference a day makes. Today has been amazing. Let’s start there and take a second to celebrate that.

I even ran a socially distanced 5K with my husband. We ran 1 mile loops so we could be close to home Incase we needed to bail early. It was not the 10K or the speed that I wanted to run, but I will count this as a win. Take that COVID!!!

Last night was rough. All I’m going to say is anxiety is definitely a COVID symptom. It was unreal. I cannot thank you all enough for the prayers.

But today, I’m happy to report:

  • No fever.
  • No headache.
  • No nausea.
  • No heartburn.
  • No anxiety.
  • No fatigue.
  • More energy.
  • Tiny bit of sinus pressure.
  • Slight, occasional dry cough.
  • Reduced sense of smell. Can’t smell coffee, but I can smell tide. Weird.

I’ve heard that getting over this is a process. And not to be surprised if symptoms come back. I’m still in isolation until November 13 (14 days because I have an autoimmune disease). But I’m going to consider today a HUGE WIN. Praise God with me, will ya!

Here are today’s vitals:

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