Christmas, COVID-19, Multiple Sclerosis

COVID Chronicles – Day 11

Like I said yesterday, I was warned I would likely feel better, then worse, and so on.

Today, I felt fine until around 10:15 am when another nauseating headache set in. I took ibuprofen and then at 12:15 I took Tylenol and neither Med made a dent in the pain. I ate lunch and rested and just started feeling better around 4:00 pm. No fever today though! And I have only coughed a couple times.

Oh. And did I mention we are full on decorated for Christmas?

Brian and the kids did the majority of the work and I think they did amazing.

And I am 70% done with Christmas shopping thanks to online shopping and being stuck in isolation. Thanks, COVID 🤣🤣.

Four more days of working from home and then I’ll be allowed to return to the office on Friday, as long as I do not have a fever between now and then 🤞🤞🤞. For all of you who have been working from home since March, you rock. I do not see how you have done it. I miss people and my desk and my dual monitors and it doesn’t help that things are insane in our office right now and I’m dying to be there to help. But, I know there is a reason and a season for everything. And I will do what I can from here and be there to jump in on Friday.

Here are today’s vitals:

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