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Marathon Training Blog, Week 4

Welcome to week 4 of our Marathon Training Blog series! Click here to read week 1!

Week 4:

week 4

Monday: REST!

Tuesday: 3 miles in 31m, 8s with an average of 10:23 min/mi. I’ll be honest… I’m writing this over a week later and I can’t remember anything about this run other than it was at the gym and I only know that because I logged it in my app. MS brain is real folks. Like, unless it’s vital information or written down, it tends to get lost and I can’t remember at all. But still, good pace and another check off my list!

Wednesday: Rest! They gave us a rest day in the middle of the week this time! That was a happy little surprise. I think it’s likely because we had built up to a longer run Saturday. Looks like that’s the trend for this particular plan.

Thursday: 4 miles in 45m, 37s with an average of 11:12 min/mi. I vaguely recall this one (mainly because my app reminded me). We ran outside and it was really hot. My husband was in his normal chipper mood and I was in my “when will this be over?!?!?” mood. I was a poor running companion, to say the least. And I’m finding on these hot and humid days I’m needing to really increase my water intake and just be okay with a slower pace. It stinks. I hate it. BUT, I know my BEST paced runs are when it’s 38-45 degrees outside. I just can’t match that when it’s 75 and near 100% humidity. And that’s not just for MS runners, that goes for everyone. It’s okay. Doesn’t mean you’ve lost any fitness… just means you’re adjusting to your environment. (Currently telling myself this as I type :)).

Friday: CT or Rest. We chose rest…again. I’m not proud of that. We should have cross trained. I docked 15 points for that rest because it should have been easy, but we chose sleep. Ah, sleep. I love you so much.

Long Run Saturday–4 miles in 44m, 9s with an average pace of 10:57 min/mi. Our plan has us increasing miles each week for 3 weeks and then dropping back. This was a lovely little 4 mile run using our 1.5/.5 run/walk method. I like it… I think :). My frustration comes in feeling like I’m hitting a good stride and then it’s time to walk again. Or feeling like I need a break after running hard up a hill and the 30 seconds just doesn’t seem long enough. We may try to adjust in the weeks ahead to try out some other methods. This is what’s training is all about. Finding out what works for you right now and cutting out what doesn’t. We’ll also need to start figuring out nutrition in the weeks ahead!

Sunday: 3 mi EZ. We ran 3.06 in 34m, 33s with an average pace of 11:18. It was hot. And so humid. I’m finding it’s so humid that my body doesn’t really start sweating until we are back in the house and out of the humidity. I mean, like literal puddles of sweat on the floor after we stretch. I’m thankful for hard wood floors that I can spot mop!

So, the final assessment of week 4:

week 4 final

-15 points for the skipped cross train… I know we can do better. But 85%/B for week 4 is something to be proud of!

Week 4 in the books!  108 days until the marathon!

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