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Episode 20: Cheryl Hile’s Story!

We are honored to have Cheryl Hile on the podcast today. Cheryl can be truly defined as an MS Warrior and has had numerous accomplishments, including being the first person with MS to complete 7 marathons on 7 continents in 12 months. Cheryl is the founder of our running team, Run a Myelin My Shoes.… Continue reading Episode 20: Cheryl Hile’s Story!

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Cynicism… and a bonus book review!

Cynicism is defined as "an inclination to believe that people are motivated purely by self-interest; skepticism." The world wants us to believe cynicism is cool. That the cynics are the ones who won't be fooled. No one is going to pull a fast one on them! But, having lived as a complete cynic for the… Continue reading Cynicism… and a bonus book review!

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#RandomActsForBoone Day 30!

We made it! 30 days of Random Acts for Boone! Boone's numbers are SOOOO CLOSE to where they need to be for him to go home, so your first task is to PRAY that he hits counts this morning and the welcome home celebration BEGINS! Then, I would love for you to donate to your… Continue reading #RandomActsForBoone Day 30!

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#RandomActsForBoone Day 29!

This one was a personal request from Emily :). She said custodians are the most overlooked folks in any organization. Today, let's change that. Pick up a yummy snack and drink and head out to a local school, hospital, or your work place and gift a custodian with a nice treat. You will help them… Continue reading #RandomActsForBoone Day 29!

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#RandomActsForBoone Day 28!

Boone's big sisters have both been dancers in the past, and currently his sister, Viv, is an active dancer while sister Stella has taken to swimming. Dancing is such a good outlet for many. Today, find a way to support the art of dance in your community either by supporting a local dance company, sharing… Continue reading #RandomActsForBoone Day 28!

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#RandomActsForBoone Day 26!

First of all, I couldn't find a pic of Boone having to do with firefighters, but how CUTE is this little dude in his Johnny Cash shirt! Had to find a reason to use it :). Firefighters are amazing. And they often spend Christmas and Thanksgiving at the firehouse, ready to run out the door… Continue reading #RandomActsForBoone Day 26!

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#RandomActsForBoone Day 25!

Like many boys, Boone loves trucks. Truckers sometimes get a bad rep, but they are hard-working people! One of our friends at church drives a truck all week and then shows up at 7:00 am on Sundays to play drums! We enjoy so many conveniences because of the hard work of truckers. Did you order… Continue reading #RandomActsForBoone Day 25!