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Praise You in this storm

Last night I had a dream…

Brian, Daniel, Bethany and I were all in a far away cabin. I’m not sure where, but the view was beautiful. I was at peace because I had my people and I we were somewhere beautiful, enjoying God’s creation.

Suddenly, everything changed. Sirens began going off, the wind began to howl, and it became clear a monster tornado was headed our way. In Kentucky, we are used to tornado warnings. We head for our basement a few times a year, and thankfully the warning usually ends up just being a precaution or the storm fizzles out.

But in my dream, in the midst of the sirens and Brian and I trying to look up weather forecasts, my kids began screaming. They were terrified, staring out the window of this cabin at the most monstrous tornado I could ever imagine. F5. Mile wide. Heading straight for us. There was no where to go. No basement. No way to drive away fast enough. I stood there paralyzed in the dream as my people screamed and cried.

Something came over me… I don’t know if I began to regain consciousness and wanted to resolve the horror or if God nudged my subconscious to remind me what the proper response was, but nevertheless…

I grabbed my children by the hand and led them to the center of the cabin. My husband followed. I had us sit in a circle in the floor and we held hands and I began to sing:

‘Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus, just to take him at his word. Just to rest upon his promise. Just to know ‘thus saith the Lord!’ Jesus, Jesus how I trust him, how I’ve proved him o’re and o’re. Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus… oh, for grace to trust him more.

Maybe you read that and you think it’s crazy. But, I don’t care. To me, it was beautiful. It’s what God calls us to… when the storm is swirling around us, we are to cry out to Him. To worship in our pain and grief. I pray I always choose worship, no matter what storms we face in our future.

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