COVID-19, Multiple Sclerosis

COVID Chronicles – Day 14

Busy, but blessed day off work today! I got caught up on several personal things I needed to work on.

For those of you asking, yes I have continued to get my symptom check ups from the Kentucky department of health.

But I did hear yesterday on our Governors daily address that with the number of new cases daily (over 2700 new in Kentucky just today), there is no way they can keep up. They are asking those who test positive to do the right thing and self isolate and contact anyone you have been within 6 feet of for more than 15 mins over the 48 hours prior to your positive test or the onset of symptoms.

Folks. A friend of mine tested positive today because someone ignored the rules and went to an event knowing they were positive. I will not say anymore than that out of respect for my friend, but I am livid right now. Another friend of mine is sitting in the hospital struggling to breath. I just learned of another friend who’s entire family is positive. Our state’s positivity rate is now over 8%. This thing is wide spread. And yes, it was mild for me (I’m sooo grateful), but that is not the case for some. I don’t think we should stop living out of fear, but I also think we should not be negligent. If you feel sick or you have a known positive in your house, STAY HOME. Shame on those who knowingly put others at risk. Shew. Rant over.

Vitals for today:

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