COVID-19, Multiple Sclerosis

COVID Chronicles – Day 13

Quiet day!

I worked from home.

Brian worked in the back yard.

Only symptoms today:

  • Slight runny nose (no more than allergies)
  • Mild Fatigue
  • Mild, dry cough.
  • Still can’t smell coffee 🤣.
  • No headache.
  • No nausea.
  • And no fever (over 48 hours now!)

I’m so grateful for my mild symptoms, especially as I continue to pray for an MS friend who’s in the hospital. I would love for you to pray for her as well.

I will not be working tomorrow as it’s a holiday for our office (THANK YOU, Veterans 💙❤️), and I need to get busy on thank you notes. But, in case it takes me a while, to those of you who delivered meals, bought us dinner, picked up and delivered our groceries, dropped off little gifts, bought aldi advent calendars for our kids (and dog!) before they sold out. ran to target to get us candy corn, sent cards, and especially spoke prayers on our behalf, thank you. We have felt overwhelmed with love by you guys.

Today’s vitals:

Don’t be alarmed if you see that 155 max—I went for a little run earlier :).

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