COVID-19, Faith, Multiple Sclerosis, Not Today MS

COVID Chronicles-Day 1

So, this happened today.

You may have some questions… let me try to answer them:

Do you have any symptoms? No. Not as of 5:00 pm on October 29, 2020 :).

Why did you get tested? I had two positive exposures. It was recommended that I get rapid tested just to be safe.

Why are you writing/posting about it? Because I’m an oversharer by nature and because I feel like there is far too much misinformation out there about COVID. I want to share my personal experience, no matter what happens, for others…. especially my fellow MS friends.

Is your family on quarantine? Yes. I was told our local Health Department is working seven days behind… that means they won’t likely call me until 7 days from now to get my contacts. From what I’m reading from the CDC Guidelines, I’m to quarantine/self isolate for 10 days and my immediate family is to quarantine for 14 days. My husband works in an Essential Industry and rules are different for them. He is to report to work unless he develops symptoms and is to self-assess his symptoms more frequently than normal.

Are you freaked? No. Not at all. Not because I don’t think this virus is serious or has the capability to do damage (because I’ve seen it first hand), but because I have been through enough in my life to know that worry doesn’t add a single day to our life and only steals today of it’s joy.

Are you on __________ vitamin? Yes. Basically :). I’m on a lot of vitamins… I’ll run down the list, but as always I AM NOT A DOCTOR. These dosages and vitamin recommendations came from my neurologist and medical team specifically for ME. Talk to your doctor about vitamin recommendations for YOU.

  • Vitamin D, 50,000 IU, 1x/week
  • Vitamin C, 1000 mg, 2x/day (planning to increase this to 3x/day until isolation ends)
  • Zinc, 25 mg, 1x/day
  • Vitamin B12 1000 mcg, 1x/day
  • Vitamin B6 100 mg, 1x/day
  • Mulitvitamin for women, 1x/day
  • Biotin, 10,000 mcg, 1x/day
  • Magnesium, 250 mg, 2x/day
  • Vitamin E, 400 IU, 1x/day

Are you bummed to be celebrating your birthday in quarantine? Yes. Mainly because my husband had some plans that are now cancelled. He worked so hard. He’s so bummed. But we had a really great weekend celebrating last weekend and we will celebrate again when we are able. I have my sights set on Thanksgiving… Praying none of my family has to quarantine then!

Do you need anything? We are good. Really. We have about 1000 people offering to get us all manner of things and I’m sure we will call on them to pick up groceries or grab us a Dewster’s Keto Treat on Thursdays and Saturdays :). Bethany requested a candy corn delivery tonight and my girl Ashley has already promised to fulfill that request :). Moments like this are when I’m most proud of The Church. The sweet texts and prayers I’ve received and offers to help. Simply. Overwhelming. And I’m not even sick (Praise God). Man, I love The Church.

So. That’s where we are at. I’m hoping to post daily because a) I like to journal things like this and b) I like reading people’s journal pieces like this and c) I am hoping it might help someone to read my experience.

Take care, friends. Especially my Kentucky friends. We have done so well for so long… it’s caught up with us.

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