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Hair Secrets REVEALED!

(Spoiler alert: I am not trying to sell you anything. I am cheap. And I love to find cheap products that work just as well as crazy expensive ones. So, sorry if you came here today looking for a devotional thought or MS advice. Today is about vanity and hair. Thank you for loving me anyway 😂. I hope you enjoy this break from normal programming. And no, NOT SPONSORED BY ANY OF THESE PRODUCTS NOR DO I SELL ANY HAIR PRODUCTS. Please enjoy.)

My hair has been on a journey, folks. When I was in high school it looked like this:

Thick, full hair with zero grays. Those were the days.

Then after having babies and starting tecfidera, I had some hair thinning. It was not fun.

Not sure if you can tell from this old pic, but my hair was thin and so I had to add a lot of curl to cover up the hair loss. And if you look at the top of my head you can see a ton of baby hairs that were trying to grow back. It was all very frizzy and poofy and I hated it all.
September 2016. This is a horrible picture of me 😂🤣. But you can see how thin it got and how new hair was trying to grow back (see the part area).

In 2017, my neurologist had me begin taking biotin. I take 10,000 IU per day. Studies have shown a decrease in long-term disability for MS folks who take the supplement so I happily started taking it. I never ever thought it would help my hair, but within a year I saw a return to the fullness of my hair and it was coming back in much stronger.

As grays creeped in to my thinned out hair, I decided to color my hair with a more gentle hair color. Revlon Colorsilk Beautiful Color is my jam. $2.84 at Walmart.

I found these deep conditioners at Walmart for $1.50 and began using them once a week. One pouch lasts me 2 washes. And I only wash my hair about every 3-4 days. This Hi-PRO-PAC keratin protein one is my fave.

Between the biotin and adding the conditioner, I’m living my best hair life right now. I get compliments all the time and questions from people about what products I use.

No lie. This photo was taken at 9:45 pm last Wednesday after I had had a full day of work and meetings in the evening and laying on the couch and running to pick up Bethany from dance and I didn’t take a second to restyle. I happened to walk in the bathroom and noticed my hair still looked as good as it did when I fixed it in the morning.

P.s. this is my shampoo. Suave 🙂

Hair is not everything. But we sure do spend a lot of money trying to make it look good! I’m not trying to take away from anyone out there trying to make money… just sharing what this cheapskate does to make my hair healthy and give myself a little confidence. Hoping this post helps to give some of you some ideas of affordable products you can try!

DISCLAIMER*** I’m not a doctor. I am also not a hair stylist. I am not any kind of replacement for your doctor’s advice. This is my personal experience and hopefully by reading it, you will know what questions to ask your doctor or hair stylist. Whatever you do, get a doctor you TRUST and ask all the questions you want. Their expertise is invaluable. Also, this is NOT SPONSORED. This is my true and honest experience.