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March 6-Month Check-Up Photo Diary!

I had my MRI a few weeks ago and then I had my 6 month check up with my neurologist to go over my results.

For the first time, my sweet girl got to tag along because she was out of school that day.

If you have never had a neurological exam or if you are wondering what to expect at your first MS check up, hopefully this will give you an idea. Every doctor is different, of course, but I remember being terrified my first visit and would have loved to read someone else’s experience!

First, my neurologist pulls up my most recent MRI and compares it with the previous year. She reads the radiologist report, but likes to see the images and compare them herself. She looks at the major lesions and sees if there are any changes from year to year. Mine have been stable since March of 2016 and she confirms there are “no changes” this year. This is good news. It means my medicine is doing its job. ✅

Then, she shuts off the lights and looks deep into my eyes :). I believe she’s looking for inflammation here.

Then, she covers one eye and has me count how many fingers out of my peripheral vision.

Then, she has me close my eyes as she touches both sides of my face, hands, and feet to see if I feel a difference on either side.

Then she has me turn my head from side to side as I resist her trying to turn it back the other direction.


Then, I close my eyes and hold up my arms. She’s looking to see if I wobble or if one arm is lower than the other.

This is the test that cracks me up probably the most. I have to touch my nose and then touch her finger as she moves it around as quickly as I can. I repeat it with the opposite hand. Even though I giggle, I remember a time during my first (undiagnosed) MS attack when I had to work so hard to do the test with my right hand. It took me forever to touch my nose and then touch the doctor’s finger.

More tests to see if strength is the same in both sides of my legs.


Then, she places a tuning fork on each hand and then each foot to test the “numbness” in my limbs. My feet are always more numb than my hands, but they are even on both sides.

Then it’s time for my runway walk 😂. We are checking my gate. Again, I remember a time when walking a straight line was next to impossible. As weird as it feels to do this at a doctors office, I’m so thankful for how far I’ve come.

Then I get to close my eyes and hold out my arms again.

The best part of going to my 6 month check-ups is eating at my favorite breakfast place. Omelet with spinach, tomatoes, and bacon for me…

And a colossal cinnamon roll with blueberry muffin for my anti-paleo eating girl :).


***DISCLAIMER*** I’m not a doctor. I am not any kind of replacement for your doctor’s advice. This is my personal experience and hopefully by reading it, you will know what questions to ask your doctor. Whatever you do, get a doctor you TRUST and ask all the questions you want. Their expertise is invaluable. Also, this is NOT SPONSORED. This is my true and honest experience.



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