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When you gotta go, you gotta go

Race season is in full swing! We have a half marathon coming up next weekend and then we begin training for our first FULL after have a couple of recovery weeks. As I was prepping for our next race this afternoon and organizing lists and hand outs for my husband and our friends, I was curious. Is anyone as weird as me?

Does anyone else research the potty locations on race routes and mark ones at key, less crowded locations? Because that’s totally what I just did 😂.

I am thankful I don’t have “potty issues” like many of my MS friends, but on long runs, I usually need to make a pit stop around mile 3. Last year during this same route I found that port-o-potty pickins were slim and I had to dash into a McDonald’s and wait in a long line. A couple miles later, I saw several potties with no waiting so this year, I’m coming prepared!!! I analyzed the list of potty locations and marked key ones that I will try to hit if needed. I added this highlighted map to my schedule for that day, maps of where we want to park and list of snacks I want to buy. And then I had to laugh at myself. I’m literally scheduling my pee 😂😂. It’s sad, I know. But I like to be prepared!!!

So, if you too feel insane as you plan your potty breaks, you’re in good company. Hope you all are having a stella day!!

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