COVID-19, Multiple Sclerosis

COVID Chronicles-Day 6

The days are starting to run together… I literally referenced an email “I sent last week” to a friend when in fact I sent it yesterday. Yesterday felt like a week ago 🤦🏻‍♀️.

I received another text from my contact tracer:

I worked from home and listened to more Christmas music. Today’s choice was For King and Country’s new Christmas album (sooooo good).

Around 2:00, I started getting a headache and felt chilled and hot at the same time. I checked my temp (as I seem to do about every 30 mins) and registered a low grade for the first time.

My temp has bounced around all afternoon, but never higher than 100.6.

My headache is different that any I typically have due to allergies. It’s behind my eyes to the top of my head. Does not effect my vision (most of mine do) but I am a little light sensitive.

Other than that, I just feel very tired and chilly.

The important thing to note right now is I wouldn’t necessarily notice the temp if I didn’t know to look for it. The headache is unusual for me. I get occasional migraines, but they are always triggered by a smell or moment of stress. This one came on slowly.

I’m praying this is it. Mild symptoms. No worse than this. I would love for you to pray that with me.

Here are my other vitals:

PS, happy Election Day! I hope you exercised your right to vote (so thankful for early voting for me this year!)

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