COVID Chronicles-Day 4

Today has been beautiful outside. We began the morning with another run.

This time the girls, Bethany and Rosie, joined us!

Then we enjoyed online worship.

Then we sat outside for a loooong time.

My mom dropped us off some treats and I was able to talk to her from a distance! Thankful to see her face!

Something has been on my mind today… and I feel like I need to just say this. I’ve seen posts of people saying “I don’t even know anyone who has had COVID” or “all of this will be over after Tuesday.”

Well… let me just tell you this. After publicly sharing that I was COVID positive, about 20 people sent me texts or private messages telling me they had also had COVID and their individual experience. People who I had no idea had been sick. Because they kept it private. Likely because they were scared. Scared of what people would say or scared of getting very sick and needing hospitalization maybe. And if 20 of my friends walked a COVID diagnosis privately, you can assume 20 of your friends have done the same thing. I hate that people feel like they can’t talk about their diagnosis or quarantine for whatever reason. I’m hoping by me sharing my experience that more will feel comfortable talking through it, asking for help when they need it, and asking for prayer. I know I appreciate every single prayer I can get!!!

Today’s symptoms: none :). Thankful and grateful. On the run this am, my HR never got above 150 so maybe yesterday was a fluke!

Here are the vitals:

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