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Life update…

Y’all, it’s been crazy.

Daniel moved home from college.

Bethany had a dance recital.

And I made the incredibly hard, brutal, gut wrenching decision to leave the job I loved and take an exciting position.

This was a selfie I sent to my husband on my last day, right after saying goodbye to my boss. I was not okay.

But this new job. It’s an answer to a 3 year prayer. It was the right choice. And each new day I’m becoming more and more excited about what I’ll be doing. God is amazing. And I’m reminded that sometimes the right thing, is the hard thing. And sometimes God calls us out of our comfort and into the unknown.

This is my new commute. This picture does not do it justice. I love my 15 minutes of worship music to and from work.

Also new, my husband and I really are working on a podcast. We even have a first episode and season plan and everything. Its just that we need to sit down and record our other episodes and I’m SO TIRED. And I really want to watch some British Baking shows or Office reruns 😂. I promise. It’s coming.

I hope you all are well and managing whatever crazy changes or stress you have in your life! Remember to take care of YOU before trying to take care of others!

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