This is ME… watching This is US

I just finished the season finale of season 2 and can I just say, AHHHHH!!! All THE FEELS!!! My husband calls it “This is CRY” because I end up sobbing at least once during each episode. I was confused and emotional and surprised and upset and just all of it! I don’t want to post any spoiler alerts, but FOR REAL people!!

My favorite part of this show is how real they are about certain struggles… like Deja’s story! Just when you think they are moving forward, they tumble 50 feet back. SO many foster families I know say this is SO true. And how the grief over the loss of Kate, Kevin, and Randall’s father is really a life long process! Totally! You don’t just grieve for a certain number of months or years and then move on… it’s a continual process!

If you have never watched this amazing show, YOU MUST! It’s so stinking good!!!

Thanks for enduring my randomness, tonight! Hope everyone is having a fantastic week!

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