It’s all about your perspective—how you look at a situation. Your point of view.

On September 29, 2015, this was my point of view.

I had just been told I had a life-long debilitating disease for which there is no cure. The neurologist who diagnosed me had attempted to comfort me by saying, “it’s not a death sentence, anymore.” I found myself in a room alone, with only the sounds of my roommate and her sister speaking in Spanish on the other side of the curtain. I was certain they were talking about me and the news they had just overheard. My husband had gone home, at my request, to take care of our kids. I felt a dark veil of loneliness wash over me.








Down the rabbit hole I went. The gravity of the situation bearing down on me. I clearly pictured myself in the future… at my children’s weddings. In a wheelchair. In the corner, to be out of the way. Waiting for someone to come take care of me… instead of me being a very active participant as I would like.

But out of no where, something washed over me. I felt like I was in a battle. And the enemy was winning. And knowing a thing or two about spiritual battles, I pulled out the only weapon I could think of: worship. My hands reached for the ceiling as I began to belt out whatever song was on my heart. I love to sing, but my voice is not necessarily pleasant to others :). But I didn’t care. Without a thought for the ladies on the other side of the curtain or the nurses in the hall, I sang. I wish I could remember what I sang. When I finished my song, with tears pouring down my face, prayers started pouring from my mouth. I found myself saying these words:

Use this. If I’m going to have this disease, use it for Your glory. Whatever that looks like. Even if that means I have to die. Use it.

Fast-forward five years. Looking back, I firmly believe the trajectory of my life was changed by that simple act of obedience. In my worship and in my prayer. Instead of viewing this disease as a curse, I saw it as an opportunity.

An opportunity to draw closer to Jesus.

An opportunity to point others to Jesus,

An opportunity to help others walking through valleys.

2020 sucks. Thanksgiving was weird. Christmas will likely be tough. But, we have a choice to make. Our perspective can either be on what we’ve lost. Or it can be on the opportunity we have been given.

An opportunity to draw closer to Jesus.

An opportunity to point others to Jesus.

An opportunity to help others walking through valleys.

A curse or an opportunity. The choice is yours, folks.

After all, the cross was a symbol of torture and shame until Jesus came along. And now it’s a symbol of freedom, forgiveness, and grace.

Happy thanksgiving, friends.

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