Faith, Not Today MS

I see you…

I see you… mom who chose to let her 3 year old wear a sun dress and snow boots to church this morning. And I applaud you for picking your battles. (And giving me an awesome chuckle.)

I see you… lady that seems to be always walking the neighborhood with your headphones on. I am inspired by your dedication to your health and wonder what you’re listening to? How many miles do you walk a day? Thank you for always smiling and waving as you pass by.

I see you… mom who’s worried about your adult kids, stomach in knots praying their dreams come true. You have done the work… now it’s time to watch them fly. They won’t be perfect, but neither were you. Have faith and trust. God cares for the birds… how much more does he care for them? (Matthew 6:26)

I see you… person unappreciated at your job. Wondering if anything you’re doing is making a difference… listen to me—it is. Your quiet, stable presence brings peace to a chaotic world. You are setting an example and bringing light to the darkness (John 1:5). Keep bringing the light. Keep taking the next right step. And know that your Heavenly Father is proud of the work you do, even if no one else is.

I see you… teacher, who’s facing a year unlike any other. Juggling regulations and fears and wanting to create stability for your kids and oh yah, maybe teach them something. “Thank you” doesn’t carry enough weight. As a parent, I can only say I’m so proud of you and I’m praying hard for you daily.

I see you… scrolling social media on a Sunday night… wondering what your purpose is in this world and wondering if you will ever, ever figure out what God wants you to do. Does it help if I tell you I’m right there with you? I pray continually to see God’s will for my life and instead of revealing that to me He just keeps asking me to take the next right step. I feel like I have blinders in and can only see 1 foot in front of me. God knows I want to know…. I think that’s why He keeps me in the dark. So that my every step is dependent upon Him. Maybe that’s why He’s keeping you in the dark too. Keep trusting, keep praying, keep seeking, and keep taking that next right step.

I see you… all of you… doing your best to survive in 2020. I’m praying for you to have unexplainable joy. I’m praying for blessings abundant for your home. And I’m praying for a revelation this world has never seen. Bring us back, LORD.

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