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#RandomActsForBoone Day 21!

Let me tell you a little story. We went into our last half-marathon in November, severely under trained. I had serious concerns about being able to finish. I was so angry at myself for not giving 100% (or even 70%!) to training and I had no idea how the day would go. Let me say before I go any farther, NEVER DO THIS. We could have ended up with serious injury. BAD IDEA. But, I made it 8 miles just fine. Apparently, I was trained for 8 miles. 8 miles flew by. But. When I hit 8 miles, things started to go downhill. Stomach cramping, pain everywhere, and serious fatigue. I was ready to quit. This wasn’t a big deal race for me. It was more for our son Daniel so he could run his first half. I was ready to flag down a medic to wheel my booty to the finish line so I could video Daniel crossing. But as I ran, I thought about Boone. He was beginning his 5th round of chemo at that time and I thought about how there are no training programs to get you ready for the grueling experience of going through 6 rounds of intense chemo, staying inpatient 30 days at a time, or watching your precious son go through all of that. I wept as I ran. And a new wind caught my sails. That last 5 miles was ALL for Boone.

Today, on New Year’s Day, I challenge you to do something that challenges you! That may be to run a distance you have never attempted. Or it maybe walking to the mailbox and back as fast as you can. Of course, BE CAREFUL. Be smart. Don’t hurt yourself! And it’s always better to do a challenge with a buddy! But, do it! Think about Boone working SO hard to fight cancer, all while he has that great big smile on his face 🙂 .

Be sure to share the story of what you did (or photos or videos) on social media with the hashtag #RandomActsforBoone!

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