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Let’s do this.

Are you a planner? Do you want to participate in #RandomActsForBoone, but you kind of want a heads up for what you’re signing up for? Here’s a little sneak peak of the 30 days:

Again, this is not an exact science. The main point each day is to do something the brings JOY to others and to yourself! And as you do that, think of Boone and his family in this hospital over the holidays. And, when you post your picture or video letting the world know about your act, you will be inspiring others to join in on the JOY and you will be giving encouragement to our Fox friends. It’s ALL a win here, folks!

And, please, if you physically can’t participate in that day’s activity, just find something you can do to spread joy. Emily shared with me one of her favorite acts of kindness is a hand-written note. So, if you find yourself in a position where you can’t participate in that day’s activity, write a note to someone you care about or even a complete stranger! Notes can be left on cars, in hospital waiting rooms, at the DMV… just encourage someone. You don’t know what God is going to do with that little act of kindness or how much that person needs reminding that they matter that day.

Are you SO ready for this? I know I am! 30 days of Random Acts for Boone. 30 days of remembering this boy who brings SO much JOY and honoring him by spreading JOY to others. As you complete your activity each day, say a prayer for complete and total healing for Boone. Say a prayer of encouragement and stamina for his parents and sisters. And pray for all the other families spending this holiday season in the hospital.

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