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Episode 17: Bethany’s Fight for Joy!

Bethany Lane Gocking is our 14-year-old daughter. We talk about her a lot here on the podcast. She is funny, kind, and thoughtful. She’s a deep thinker. She’s very artistic. And right now, she is coming out of one of the hardest battles for joy she’s ever faced. 

When we prayed and planned Season 2 of the Not Today, M.S. Podcast and settled on our theme, Fighting for Joy, we had no idea the battle we would be fighting in our own home just a week later. In early August, just as recording began, Bethany began suffering from crippling anxiety attacks that lasted through most of September. 

Before she shares her story today, we want to remind everyone WE ARE NOT PROFESSIONALS. If you are battling anxiety or depression or walking a loved one through mental illness, please seek professional help. Do not walk this alone. Schedule the appointment, reach out to your pastor, confide in a trusted friend or family member. But do not walk this road alone. 

Listen today as Bethany shares her story of anxiety, depression, faith, music, and fighting for joy.

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