I had to google John MacArthur…

…because I have never heard of him before today. The only reason I googled his name is because he said a harsh, not very Christ-like comment about my girl, Beth Moore.

First, a history. I grew up Southern Baptist. I was baptized at age 9. I was led to Christ by my amazing childhood pastor, Brother Lloyd (a male) and my many Sunday School leaders and Bible School leaders (all women). I fell away by my own doing, but when I came back, my faith was strengthened through a Bible Study we had going on in our little church. Men and women flocked into our little Fellowship Hall as we ALL sat and listened to Beth Moore speak about David, a man after God’s own heart. I had never studied the Bible. I had done Bible Drill as a kid and heard sermons and Sunday School lessons, but I had never, ever been encouraged to read verses, reflect on them, and write my thoughts. Beth took us all over the Bible… not just in 1 & 2 Samuel and Psalms to read about David, but Ephesians and Acts. She taught me the Bible was not a set of 66 individual books, but rather a long love story of God chasing after our hearts. I watched as the hearts of 70-year-old men in the room melted and they wept knowing God in a brand-new way. One of those men passed away recently and I firmly believe his walk was strengthened during the many Beth Moore Bible Studies he participated in over the last years of his life.

I’m not here to debate the issue of Women “Preachers” versus “Teachers” versus “Sunday School Speakers” or whatever other verbiage people want to use. All I know is this:

God spoke to my lost little 21-year-old heart through Beth Moore in 2002.

God spoke to my heart through a room full of godly women as they welcomed me into their 55+ age Sunday School class. I was so young and immature in life and my faith, and those women lent me their faith and walked me to Jesus.

God speaks to me SO much now through Jennie Allen and Beth Moore and Jill Briscoe and Angie Smith and Annie Downs and Ruth Simmons as well as Stuart Jones (my home church pastor) and Jason Fox (a friend and pastor) and Francis Chan and Andy Stanley and C.S. Lewis and David Platt and goodness… too many to list. God speaks through them all.

God is speaking to me now… Calling me to write and share and lead and speak and teach middle schoolers and tell others about the amazing grace He’s given me in my lifetime in hopes that they will RUN to HIM so they can receive that same grace. If God calls me to a stage to speak and share my story, I don’t care what title I’m given… I don’t care what someone named John MacArthur has to say about it, I’m going to speak. God has delivered me from too much in my lifetime to stay silent.

“I did not surrender to a calling of man when I was 18 years old. I surrendered to a calling of God. It never occurs to me for a second to not fulfill it. I will follow Jesus – and Jesus alone – all the way home. And I will see His beautiful face and proclaim, Worthy is the Lamb! Here’s the beautiful thing about it & I mean this with absolute respect. You don’t have to let me serve you. That gets to be your choice. Whether or not I serve Jesus is not up to you. Whether I serve you certainly is. One way or the other, I esteem you as my sibling in Christ. ” ~Beth Moore

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