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The Best Decision You’ll Ever Make

Facebook Memories do an excellent job of reminding us of things we don’t ever want to forget. Like moments like this that are forever etched in your memory.

This night. This simulcast from IF:Gathering. If you have ever heard me speak and give my MS story, you will know this night. This is the night God spoke Psalm 22:3 to me and opened my eyes and ears to experience it in a whole new way. I wrote “… yet you are holy” on my memory board and prayed and prayed for the relationship with God that would prompt my soul to cry out in worship the next time I faced something hard. My next MS attack began 10 days later. I received my diagnosis 14 days later. And I feel strongly that any success that I’ve enjoyed since was as a result God calling me to worship from that agony that night. I handed it all to Him. And I marvel every single day what He is doing with it. I don’t know my future, but I’m pretty crazy about the ONE who holds it all in his mighty hands.

You never know what or how or who God is going to use to change your life. If you’re on the fence about reading that book, going to that women’s event, joining a life group, or reaching out to a Christian man or woman you admire to get some guidance, TAKE THE LEAP. I had a million reasons not to watch IF:Pray that night… but I’m glad I decided my time spent with God was more important.

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