God is good.

I see the hashtag #godisgood on facebook posts about job promotions, new homes, good doctor reports, kids winning sporting events, you name it. And honestly, I didn’t think about it much until I had coffee with someone who shifted my perspective.

She had lost her husband. They were only married a couple of years. His death was so heartbreaking. Their faith never wavered as he battled disease for six months and went from athletic and strong to weak and in horrible, unimaginable pain. They prayed earnestly for a miracle. They prayed for healing. Thousands of people rallied around the family from multiple states to join them in those prayers. But the outcome was not as they had hoped.

She said, “Nora, why do we only say ‘God is good’ when He gives us what we want? I can tell you, I prayed so hard for my husband’s full recovery, but even though God didn’t give me what I wanted, HE IS STILL GOOD.”

Mic drop.

I read this quote from Sarah Lango (@gracefilledgrowth) today and it is so chock full of truth:

If God is truly good,

He is still good when life is not.

He is good when relationships are not.

He is still good when health is not.

He is the one who stays by our side as we walk through the darkest of valleys.

The one who gently lifts us up when life has knocked us down once more.

The one who has promised to always stay, even if no one else does.

Though we may never understand why He does not change our circumstance, that does NOT change HIM. He is still the faithful one, loving, compassionate, and trustworthy.


When we only praise God in the good times, it implies that maybe He isn’t so good in the bad times. Yes friends, God IS GOOD. And if you are having a good day, celebrate that! But, do not miss out on this–God is GOOD, ALL THE TIME. When your husband dies despite months of prayer and treatment at the best facility with the best doctors in the nation, GOD IS GOOD. And when you receive a chronic illness diagnosis, GOD IS GOOD. And when your 2 year old is diagnosed with cancer, GOD IS GOOD. God is not a genie. God is not a good luck charm. God is not your “Get out of jail free” card. God is God. He is loving and forgiving, but also justice-seeking and powerful. What’s true in the good times about God is still true about God in the bad times. He’s the same yesterday, today and in the future (Hebrews 13:8).

Pray that you can begin to say “God is good” in the valleys of your life. I’m telling you, some of my greatest moments of growth have come from praising Him in the midst of a storm.

” . . . yet, you are HOLY. Enthroned on the praises of Israel.” ~Psalm 22:3

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