Visual praying? Is that a thing?

I guess I’m what they call a “visual learner”. I write everything down. I understand best when I have a graphic or can draw a picture or create something on the computer so I can SEE it. Last night I was praying for a while. It’s a big week at our church and we are preparing for hundreds of women to join us to watch the IF : GATHERING simulcast. I was praying for God to protect the women on our lead team and then praying for some special people I know who are coming… and that turned into praying for our families and our churches. I began listing their names one-by-one so I wouldn’t leave anyone out. I drew a big red circle around all of the names to represent God’s love guarding each of us. I wrote the word I was praying over them around the perimeter: “Patience” “Safety” “Discipline” “Love” “Godly Discussion” poured from my pen as my prayers continued. Scriptures popped into my head to pray and I jotted those down around the perimeter. When I finished praying, I saw this:

You may be thinking, what a mess! But it’s just for me and God and normally I wouldn’t show anyone my scribbles that I call prayers. I don’t journal very much and will probably stick this in a notebook or old Bible for me to stumble actress years from now. But I love writing out my prayers as I say them. It helps my wandering mind to focus.

What about you? Do you struggle with how to talk to God? I made it too hard for so many years… Talking to God shouldn’t be complicated. You don’t have to journal. You don’t have to say flowering words. You just have to talk to Him.

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